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Advisory Services

The Matawa Education Department provides advice to Matawa First Nation Education Authorities and leadership, including the Chiefs Spokesperson for Education, in the areas of education policy and administration. Support is provided for regional initiatives, such as the Regional Education Strategic Plan and regular the Regional Advisory Committee on Education, through which community and regional concerns (and successes) are regularly shared. New projects and initiatives that will benefit Matawa students and schools are also supported. Our Education Department provides advisory services to Matawa First Nations Communities to support the development of quality education programs, improve student achievement, and increase access to learning resources. In partnership with Matawa First Nation communities, parents, elders, teachers and students we help establish ownership and accountability in education. For more information on Matawa Education Advisory Services please contact: Sharon Allen, Interim Department Manager


#1 Provide Quality, Responsive Education

Assist Matawa First Nations communities in providing quality education that is responsive to the needs of all learners and all communities.

  • Develop curriculum and programming that enhances the social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and moral development of each learner.
  • Protect, develop and revitalize First Nations culture, history and language through education.
  • Enhance the quality of and access to Post Secondary and Adult Education.              

#2 Improving Student Achievement            

Assist Matawa First Nations in improving student achievement.      

  • Enhance the capacity of young people to learn by promoting their physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • Recruit, hire and retain qualified educators
  • Increase parental involvement in education
  • Increase student enrollment and retention                      

#3 Improve Access to Educational Resources            

Assist Matawa First Nations in accessing quality educational resources.      

  • Bridge the resource gaps between First Nation and provincial schools
  • Access new funding for education
  • Create new partnership opportunities for schools and students      

#4 Ownership and Accountability      

Assist Matawa First Nations in establishing ownership and accountability in education.      

  • Increase parental and community ownership in education
  • To enforce minimum standards and benchmarks for education on a regional                      
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PASS Program

PASS Program Pathways to Achieve Student Success (PASS) is an exciting new education initiative involving eight Matawa First Nation schools. With funding provided through Aboriginal Affairs Canada’s First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) has three primary target areas:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Student success


Post Secondary

Post Secondary The Matawa Post Secondary Program provides assistance to students in the five eligible First Nations of Aroland, Ginoogaming, Long Lake#58, Neskantaga and Webequie. We provide information and resources on:

  • The Subsidized Post Secondary
  • Education Assistance Program
  • Eligibility Requirements and Application Process
  • and more…


Learning Centre

Learning Centre The Matawa Learning Centre is a private First Nations High School serving the students of the five remote Matawa communities of Neskantaga, Webequie, Marten Falls, Nibinamik and Eabametoong. We provide assistance to students with:

  • Academic counselling & support
  • Career Guidance Post secondary services & Application processes
  • Specialized Course & Program Selections And more…