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Matawa Learning Centre

The Matawa Learning Centre is a private First Nations High School serving the students of the five remote Matawa communities of Neskantaga, Webequie, Marten Falls, Nibinamik and Eabametoong. We provide assistance to students with: Academic counselling and support  Career Guidance  Post secondary services & Application processes  Specialized Course & Program Selections      Matawa Learning Centre involves teachers, students, parents and community partners in developing programs and courses that reflect the needs of both students and the Matawa First Nation communities while encouraging each student to develop self-reliance, initiative, resourcefulness, creativity, and responsibility. The learning environment supports self-motivated students who are encouraged to plan and follow their individual learning pathways, while supporting reflective, self-directed, lifelong learners. Matawa will respect, acknowledge and retain the traditions and customs of past generations while pursuing progressive, innovative and creative opportunities to position the Matawa Learning Centre to be a widely-respected and recognized Centre of Excellence in Education. As cited in the Report of the Auditor General of Canada (2004), the secondary school graduation rate for Aboriginal students is far below that of non-Aboriginal students. Making this situation worse, provincial high schools are hesitant to accept students once they have passed the age of eighteen. Even if these older students are admitted, the school and general teaching methods used fail to provide a supportive learning environment for these older students. The Matawa Learning Centre provides a unique learning environment to support students and assist them in moving toward the successful completion of their secondary education. Utilizing the principles of accelerated learning, students will have opportunities and support to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to continue on their pathways to work, training or post-secondary education programs. ACCELERATED LEARNING Accelerated learning has three primary, underlying principles: Unity of Purpose Parents, teachers, students, and administrators agree on a common set of goals, which are the focal point of everyone’s efforts and serve as a framework for all curricular, instructional, and organizational initiatives.   Empowerment/Responsibility All members of the school community make decisions, and subsequently take responsibility for implementing their decisions and for their outcomes. Building on Strengths All available learning resources in the school community are identified and utilized. School administration and staff will work creatively with parents and students, recognizing, celebrating and building upon the strengths of each individual student. STUDENT SERVICES The Matawa Learning Centre is designed to ensure First Nations students have a support system in place to help them succeed and achieve their goals. We provide assistance to students with: Social & academic counselling  Course/Program selections  Resource information  Application processes      Key Staff Brad Battiston, Principal     E-mail: ***@***.*** Trevor Workman, Teacher    E-mail: ***@***.***          

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PASS Program

PASS Program Pathways to Achieve Student Success (PASS) is an exciting new education initiative involving eight Matawa First Nation schools. With funding provided through Aboriginal Affairs Canada’s First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) has three primary target areas:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Student success


Post Secondary

Post Secondary The Matawa Post Secondary Program provides assistance to students in the five eligible First Nations of Aroland, Ginoogaming, Long Lake#58, Neskantaga and Webequie. We provide information and resources on:

  • The Subsidized Post Secondary
  • Education Assistance Program
  • Eligibility Requirements and Application Process
  • and more…


Learning Centre

Learning Centre The Matawa Learning Centre is a private First Nations High School serving the students of the five remote Matawa communities of Neskantaga, Webequie, Marten Falls, Nibinamik and Eabametoong. We provide assistance to students with:

  • Academic counselling & support
  • Career Guidance Post secondary services & Application processes
  • Specialized Course & Program Selections And more…